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Re: [IP] New Insertion Set

hi Denise
     My 14 1/2 yr old daughter has been pumping nearly 20 months now. Started
with softsets, switched to the Comfort sets (identical to the "tenders" and
now the "silhouettes"). Prefers them for the following reasons:
      l) they attach flat (no little "tail" left over) so she was able to
wear a 2 piece bathing suit this summer without that "tell-tale" Sofset
button poking out
      2) they come packaged cleverly with a spare cannula portion, so she
fills her syringe with 300 units (which lasts a week) & changes the part on
her stomach mid-week
      3) instead of poking straight in, they're inserted at an angle (appr.
45 degrees) which works much better for a skinny adolescent
      Hope this helps...she just tried inserting it on her upper back hip for
the first time to give her stomach a break...By the way, she never DID try
her sofserter device because it arrived at the samne time she'd switched to
the Comfort sets, so can't really comment on that.
      Lastly, welcome to all the new pumpers..I agree 100% with everything
Rose posted earlier about her son Ravi....We're "prostelytizing pumper moms"
out to better the world for kids with diabetes!!!!!!....My daughter's most
recent A1C was 6.5 (best ever) as contrasted with her A1C of 8.8 right before
she started pumping & said "adios" to her 4 daily injections!!!!!
                 Regards to all the "pumpers"...I admire you all for your
pro-active self-care!!!............................Renee (Melissa's mom)