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Re: [IP] RE: Mumps ?

In a message dated 11/9/97 10:01:04 AM, you wrote:

<<Is there anybody out there that had the mumps after contracting IDDM>>


This is a question that I have wondered about.  I was diagnosed at 13 and,
while I had had Chicken Pox and Measles along with my friends at an earlier
age, I never had the Mumps.  Years later, when applying for a job at a
hospital, they checked my immunity and said that I had had the mumps.  I
presumed at the time that I had such a light case that I didn't recognize
what I had.  But I do wonder.  

Another question for the group.  I NEVER get bit by mosquitos.  They
sometimes land, but they don't bite and there are never any welts.  This was
not true in my pre diabetic days.  Anyone every hear of this?