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Re: [IP] Re: Bent Needle vs. Soft-Set or Serter

At 07:25 PM 11/8/97 -0500, Linda wrote:

>Dear Pumpers,
>Does anyone, besides me, use the bent needle?  I've been using it for almost
>five years with no problem.  Never have to worry about a cannula crimp.  I
>tried the soft set in the beginning (once) and couldn't even get it inserted.
> After hearing so many positive comments abut the soft-set I asked MiniMed to
>send me one and I'm reluctant to try it.   What's wrong with the bent needle?
> Has anyone switched from the bent needle to a soft-set with great results?
> With the bent needle I can find a good point of entry.  There are a few bad
>spots, very close to good spots that are quite painful, so with the bent
>needle I can find that out before completely submerging the needle.  Does
>anyone out there think like I do?  Or am I just being fearful of trying new


I also use bent needles - although not constantly. I return to these sets
as a "break" from the Comfort / Tenders sets. I will switch back and forth
between the two when I feel like it.

Remembering that each of us is very different (YMMV), I have found that I
need to change back from the Teflon based sets after some time on them.
This is difficult to describe, but it seems like the Teflon based sets
"slow down" in terms of their effectiveness with me over the course of
several months. I return to bent needle sets when I need to do a "reality
check" - are my basals set correctly, how are my carb ratios  working out?,

I am fairly slim with very little extra body fat to work with, and
sometimes finding a comfortable infusion site is difficult. I agree with
you that it is a bit easier to "aim" the bent needle sets to find a
comfortable insertion point. I was always a little concerned with the
SofSets or Comfort sets if I needed to change the initial insertion site
slightly before completely inserting the set. I worried that I might
"compromise" the cannula, leading to the possibility of a later crimp.
Can't say that this ever happened though ;-) SofSets were never really
comfortable for me - I reasoned that it was due to their 90 degree
insertion angle, and gave them up early in my pumping career.

One of the main reasons I changed over to Comfort / Tender sets was the
bent needle sets I originally used (MM Quick Release) became uncomfortable
after 1 1/2 days. I changed sets religiously every two days, but sometimes
that last 1/2 day was just plain miserable. I have been using the
Disetronic bent needle sets for the past month and find them much more
comfortable for some reason. I have also found that the insertion site
shows less of a mark after removing the old set - the site seems to heal
much quicker, leaving virtually no "pump bump" afterwards. Someone else
mentioned to me that perhaps the metal used in the Disetronic needles is

Yes there are some other bent needle users out here ;-)

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted