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Re: [IP] Infusion set discomfort

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> From: David Matthews <email @ redacted>
> To: Insulin Pumping <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Infusion set discomfort
Sunday 7:00 AM
	I have been pumping for almost a year now and also I weigh in at 195
pounds so I have plenty of fatty tissue to insert the softset into. I have
experienced the slightly uncomfortable feelings you have described and have
come to this conclusion in my case. I have found that just like taking
injections, there are some spots I could place a needle and never feel it
and then I found those spots that would feel like I was splitting a nerve.
You have to have found that if you ever took many injections. I never used
the pen but I have used many thousands of 26 gauge 3/8 needles. In the
short time I have been on the pump I have found that these spots that must
be nerve intensive are slightly higher than my belly button and  vertically
about an inch on either side of it. I have found that the area just above
my beltline and approximately 75 degrees either side of my belly button has
little feeling at all with the sets. I don't use the softserter, I inject
them the old fashion way (big grin) and have few of these uncomfortable
places. I think you will soon learn what I am talking about after you get a
few more changes completed. I think everyone being individuals will have
these spots but in different places. 

Buddy '-)