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Re: [IP] Spouse's feelings about pumping

David Matthews wrote:
> To all,
> My wife is having a very hard time seeing me with a pump connected to me all the time

To David

<My husband has been diabetic for almost 20 years now, he is 32 years of
age and when I met him twelve years ago, I married him, along with his
diabetes.  I have had to educate myself along the way with help from his
mother, and himself, to learn to deal with all the ups and downs of
diabetes.  Nine days ago my husband, decided to go on the pump, which we
both knew nothing about.  In NZ it is not 'spoken' of, so it was the
most exciting thing with diabetes I had ever encounted.  It all happened
around the same time, that went decided to buy a modem and link up with
the net.  Here I found so much information from very, very supportive
diabetics, who have helped make 'our' decision for my husband that in
the long-term the pump is the only option to take.  My husbands motto
is, we are talking about health, regardless of the cost, and he wants to
be around for many many more years, spending time with me and our three
year old daughter.  It doesn't worry me one bit about the pump, being
attached or not, like 'Rose' said, it will always be a constant
reminder, but I personally don't know any different.  I will always
support and stand by my husband, as I know he is trying to take the best
possible care that he can.  I am so very proud of my husband, who has
always been very open about his diabetes, he has never tried to hide it,
and the first thing he tells his employer is about his health.  I agree
with Rose TOTALLY for us it is like someone has turned the light back
on, I work late afternoon shifts, and this has been the first week that
I have had my evening meals with my husband, he is so more relaxed about
everything, I am not constantly looking at the clock, knowing well that
we will have to have lunch,etc..  This pump is something I want, as much
as what he wants.  I hope all partners, or family members who have
someone amongst them that are diabetic, don't take the view of Davids
wife, because I think for you David, you must be wondering if you are
doing the 'right' and of course, you know you are. Maybe with a bit more
time she will be able to accept it better.  Good-luck.
Lynette Parker