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Re: [IP] Spouse's feelings about pumping

David and anyone else that thinks the pump might be a constant reminder.

I am not a pumper, just a pumper's mom, but I just have to reply to your
comment.  How can a diabetic not be reminded all the time that he/she is
diabetic?  Even on multiple injections, you still have to test and inject
all the time.  Can you really have hours out of a given day that you
don't think twice before you do something because of the diabetes?  Do
you ever just eat something without giving it a second thought?  Do you
ever exercise without giving it a thought?  I'm not saying that this has
to be the first thought in a diabetic's head but it's right up there.  Do
you ever plan an evening out without planning first what time you have to
be at the restaurant to be sure you are served food before your blood
sugar takes a big crash?  Do you ever get invited to stay and visit with
someone and then asked to stay for a meal, and you can't because you
didn't prepare ahead and have your insulin with you?  Do you ever want to
just spend the day shopping or running errands or going to a local
tourist attraction, without first making sure you have everything you
need in case you go low or decide to eat or you go high.  I just don't
think a diabetic can ever not be reminded that they are diabetic.  It's
like not being reminded that you have asthma or some other life
threatening disease.  Do you not wear a medical alert type of bracelet? 
That too is a constant reminder.  If you are in a business that you have
to carry a pager, isn't that a constant reminder that you are at
someone's beckon call?

Instead of thinking of the pump in a negative light, you should think of
it as a friend, a liberator.  Ravi has only been pumping for 2 weeks now
but that's enough to know that we will never go back to injections.  The
pump has given us our family life back.  We are free to enjoy the things
we did before Ravi was diagnosed.  Sure we still did many of those things
while Ravi was on injections, but they were things that Ravi could not
do.  Having a late dinner was impossible on injections.  Stopping for a
bite to eat after a concert wasn't much fun.  We ate and Ravi had a salad
or just a diet pop or just sat there and watched the rest of us.  Isn't
that a constant reminder of the diabetes for the whole family?  Yesterday
afternoon Ravi went to play with a friend.  They ended up inviting him to
stay for dinner.  Was that possible on injections?  Yes, only if I could
run to the friend's house with the insulin or we planned ahead.  Is it
more likely to happen now?  Yes, because all Ravi has to do is figure the
carbs in the meal and bolus.  Makes more sense to me!

I'm sorry if I sound like an irrational person, but that hit a nerve. 
You are a diabetic but it doesn't have to rule your life.  The pump can
give you that freedom.