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[IP] Infusion set discomfort

To all,

Every one has been so helpful in answering my questions. Thanks! I have

I have had 3 soft sets in now using the soft-serter to insert them. The
insertion is painless, but when moving around during daily activities,
sometimes it feels like they are hitting something. The sensation is similar
to one you might get with a sensative tooth. It's not pain, but it is
irritating. I am very lean and when looking at the soft sets, they look very
long to me. For injections, I use the novo pen 30 gauge needles that are
much shorter and inject at an angle. I am concerned that the soft set is
hitting muscle down there. When I have pulled them out, the canula is nice
and straight so I don't think it is crimping. I can't judge by blood sugers
as I am still on saline.

Is this a sensation that you all live with and I have to get used to, or
should I use something different like the Pureline Comfort?