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Re: [IP] Infusion site irritation

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>are you calling the tape that comes packaged with the sof-set polyskin.  if
>so, then you need to get polyskin.  the prepackaged tape can be very
>irritating.  what you want to do is apply polyskin, inject through the
>polyskin, then use the tape that comes with the sof-set to tape the set in


What I did was put betadyne, micropore tape, infusion set, tape that comes
with infusion set, polyskin II and then Hytape around the edges.

I did not get any leaking from my shower today, but a lot of moisture from
sweat when I ran. The irritation was not bad at all. I have a new concern
about the soft set and discomfort. I will post in another note. Thanks for
your suggestions, I will keep trying different things.