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Re: [IP] Re: Bent Needle vs. Soft-Set or Serter

Linda... I too use the bent needle and think it is much more reliable than
the soft-set .I started pumping a little more than a year ago and started out
using the soft set. I was very uncomfortable about stabbing the soft set in.
The first few weeks of pumping were very discouraging and a couple of times a
site change was necessary to gain control again.  The problem was crimping. I
went to the bent needle and have only had to change sites four times since
switching over. I like the bent needle and how easy it is  when you do have
to change sites. A few alcohol swabs and a new poly-skin and your done in a
couple of minutes. I don't think you can do that with the soft set. I always
had to change the whole set up from the syring to the needle. I don't know if
I'll ever try soft sets again. What I'm using now works just fine for me.
                                              The few times I had to change
sites were because of some pain. I'm not sure if that's a problem with soft
sets or not. I've tried once to use the bent needle in the leg, and that
didn't work out at all. (ouch !)   
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