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[IP] Old News

Hi everyone.

Michael - Someone asked me about pumping and exercise.  I know that this is a
topic that we all touched on before.  I tried to go through the archives to
find the info but, had a hard time.  Is there any way that we can scan the
archives for topics or even just words.  I used to print all of the volumes
as I received them.  But, I got lazy since we changed over.  

Karla - I know that you have a lot on your mind but, could you possibly
remember when we spoke of this.  If I can figure out the time frame, I can
pull up the correct volume.  I believe it was you who brought up the subject.
 I remembered that you got some good replies.  I was not that interested at
the time since I am a lazy bum who doesn't have a real exercise program.  I
just use the old stand by.  You know, unhook will working out or keep
checking and adjust accordingly.  

Hey Glenn - What is going on there in sunny California?????  Are you spending
too much time at the beach?  Did you forget about us?????  We do miss

Bye for now.