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Re: [IP] Infusion site irritation

Thanks for the info.

I have a Disetronic, so my choices are filling up with either 150 units or
300 units.  Can you fill up with any amount you want?

At 02:19 PM 11/8/97 -0500, email @ redacted wrote:
>Michael Strong,
>Just use less insulin in your syringe, enough for three says plus preping the
>tubing. Why would you want to use Regular when you can get such better
>results form Humalog? It works the same every time. You know what it is going
>to do and when.
>I was always told that you should change out every three days anyway, That is
>what MiniMed recommends too. I sometimes can go four days but if I see my
>sugars going up, I change right away.
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