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[IP] Re: Bent Needle vs. Soft-Set or Serter

Dear Pumpers,

Does anyone, besides me, use the bent needle?  I've been using it for almost
five years with no problem.  Never have to worry about a cannula crimp.  I
tried the soft set in the beginning (once) and couldn't even get it inserted.
 After hearing so many positive comments abut the soft-set I asked MiniMed to
send me one and I'm reluctant to try it.   What's wrong with the bent needle?
 Has anyone switched from the bent needle to a soft-set with great results?
 With the bent needle I can find a good point of entry.  There are a few bad
spots, very close to good spots that are quite painful, so with the bent
needle I can find that out before completely submerging the needle.  Does
anyone out there think like I do?  Or am I just being fearful of trying new

Also, great to hear from some of the originals from Pumpers Ink.  Wish the
best to all of you.