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Re: Re: [IP] Re: New Pumpers

	Not to worry. When you have had diabetes as long as we have you have
killed enough braincells that your old brain just don't function like it
used to. I felt confident that you were up to your armpits in alligators.
<big grin> It hasn't been that long since I was there.
	If your BG's are too high you definitely need to raise your basal rates. I
was just like that and was afraid to adjust them on my own but now that is
not a problem. You will not really get the really good feeling of the pump
until you get the BG's down to normal. I know you have had  diabetes a long
time and have wondered just how well you was feeling just prior to starting
on the pump? Like I told you before I thought I was in good control before
the pump but I was just kidding myself. I checked my BG maybe three times a
day then, and if I would have checked it more often like now, and injected
only regular insulin I probably could have felt almost this good but I
would sure have a lot of holes in my belly and legs. I really doubt feeling
that good though because of the constant supply of insulin with the pump.
Also, I believe now that NPH insulin contributes to some of the problems
some people have that do not understand exactly what is happening with that
time release insulin. If you inject your regular amount of 70/30 or just
NPH and then do some unexpected exercise that NPH acts like trying to put
out a fire with gasoline! You drop your BG with the exercise and then have
all this other insulin slowly keeping you shaking and weak. The pits! We
need to inform the general public about pump therapy. Two years ago when I
got serious about getting on the pump I found it very hard to find out how.
My doctor gave me a paper with MiniMeds address and phone number and I had
to go from there. I had no Internet connection at the time and was running
blindly. Since then I have informed two other persons in my area that have
since started on the pump.
	I did not take 70/30 for long, but it was long enough to learn it was not
what I wanted. Also you have little choice when you have few resources and
a small brain. 
	Glad your pumping now and looking forward to you getting everything set to
your needs and the BG's under control. It won't be long. . . . . . 

Buddy '-)