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Re: Re: [IP] Re: New Pumpers

> Thanks for the encouragement Karla, but my biggest fear is the crimping.
> Thank heaven for the sof-serter. I've changes the set three times now....I'm
> getting good. LOL. I make sure that I test several times after the change.
> I do have to have my rates raised, as my Bg's are not that great. I'm sure
> both the basal and the bolus must be changed. I have a call into my CDE right
> now to ask about it. I don't think that they wanted me to make changes on my
> own yet.
Bear in mind, that the CDE doesn't know any more about your basal 
requirements than you do.  

TEST you basal requirements.  A good description of how to do it is 
in Pumping Insulin. Once you know the numbers, you or your CDE can 
make the adjustments.
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