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Re: Re: [IP] Re: New Pumpers

So sorry that I didn't answer you. I really meant to the next time I came to
the computer. The next time, I forgot. Altzheimers setting in.

I thank you so much for inquiring. It is so thoughtful of you.
I was at a Diabetes Day at our local hospital today and I asked someone
 about the alarm going off if there is crimping in the cannula. I forget
whether it was another pumper or the MiniMed rep. Anyway, they said, yes, it
would alarm. If the drive screw is unable to push the insulin through, which
is what happens when cannula is crimped, the alarm will sound.

I have a call into my CDE now, and I will ask her the same question, as I am
not sure whether it was the MiniMed rep that told me the above.

Actually, I have the call in because I'm sure my basal and bolus rates must
be raised. My BG's are entirely too high most of the time, especially for
someone pumping.

Again, many thanks for thinking of me and agin, I apologize.