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Re: [IP] Infusion site irritation

Hi all,

David - I too seem to have irratation with the tape that comes with the
infusion sets.  My supplier sent me samples of all different tapes with my
start up package.  I pretty much have tried them all.  I am sure each person
is different but, I have found that the one that works best for me is made by
Smith & Nephew.  It is called High MVP Transparent Dressing #4007.  What I
have done is placed one of these down before I actually insert my infusion
set.  Then I tape the infusion set down with the tape in the package.  I seem
to be OK as long as the top tape doesn't touch my skin.  I am one of the luck
ones who is covered 100% for supplies so since I have also had some leakage.
 I use only the Smith & Nephew now.  I use one on bottom and one on top.  

Hope this helps.