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[IP] Lurkers

     Becky and Michael,  Yes, I'm still here lurking in the background.  I
pick up my e-mail everyday and first I delete all the spam.  (Each day I get
more)  Then I read every word posted on the mailing list.  I'm still learning
daily as I hope the rest of you lurkers are.  There is never a day goes by
that I don't read several things of great interest to me in my diabetes
management.  Several times when I don't think someone has the full story on a
certain point I make a note to answer them when I finish the daily list of
mail.  And before I get to the end someone else has answered them trying to
straighten them out.  I can't believe how fast information is getting around.
     Karla, I'm sorry to hear about your separation, but gald you are back
online with us pumpers.  Hope you're doing well.
     Jim, I talked to Alfred last week.  He seems to be doing the best he can
under his situation.  I don't know why he hasn't been online lately but I'll
let him know you asked about him.    GLENN