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Re: [IP] Here I go


You will love pumping. I am the best person to tell you that I DID NOT want
this gadget hooked up to me no 24 hours a day!!! As I said, Nov. 1st was a
year and it is the best thing I could have ever done!! I wish I would have
done it sooner. At least you have the support of all of us to help you out.
And if you ever have a problem that needs immediate attention, sometimes it
is faster to get a response to just write us. Unless it is a medical
question, then I call Dr. Bode. Good luck! If you ever need someone to talk
to, and you want to call me at home, my number is:770-920-4774, until Dec.
1st. Then I am moving back home after the ex gets out. I will always be here
for you and anyone else who wants to talk, just ask Sue!
I'll be thinking about you and keeping you in my prays!