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Re: [IP] Re: New Pumpers


In your message to Sissy, you described the way a pump alarms.  Here is more
detail that might help.

A pump can only detect and alarm for a total/complete occlusion.  It
will/can not alarm for a partial block.  In this case, if the cannula is
bent the pump might continue to pump and not alarm if it is able to get
insulin past the obstruction.  This is why it is important to always check
both the site and blood sugars regularly.  A partial obstruction could mean
elevated sugars as the pump is not getting the proper amount of insulin
delivered.  On a complete obstruction, the pump will alarm but only after
aprox. 2-4 units of insulin have been missed, depending on the basal rate.
As a Disetronic rep, I wish both pumps were more sensitive to total and
partial occlusions.

Thanks and I hope this helps
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Date: Friday, November 07, 1997 10:32 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Re: New Pumpers

> Was starting to worry about you. I sent you a message on the 5th to see
>how your first day was. You are worrying too much. There is nothing to it.
>I told you, you would be completely satisfied and the longer you are on it
>the better it gets!
> I don't think an alarm will sound if the cannula is bent, I think it will
>just deliver the insulin too shallow and it will not be absorbed correctly,
>but that is just a guess.
>Buddy '-)