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Re: [IP] Infusion site irritation


I agree with Michael and I'm sure many otherw will tell you, don't leave your
site unchanged for more than three days with Humalog. Your sugars may start
to go higher and for the other reasons Michael gave you.
I once, about two weeks ago, left my site unchanged for SEVEN days. I sure
didn't do it on purpose though. I was so busy with the separation between me
and my husband, and the fact I was eating a blooming thing and didn't need to
bolus, so when I finally got the alarm for "No delivery", I looking at the
calendar and realized I hadn't changed out since the last Sunday!! My sugars
stayed fine, for some reason, but gosh, did my site ever hurt! It still is
alittle sore but I have been taking care of it so that it will not get
infected. So now I write with a Sharpy on my claendar so big you wouldn't
believe, that day I need to change out again. I also don't put 150 units in
it anymore since I use way less than that in three days. I hope this helps.