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Re: [IP] Here I go

	Sounds like you pretty well have everything covered. The only thing now is
to learn how to protect your body from injuries when you get back to
feeling so good! And I guarantee you that you will start feeling better
than you have in years!
	Once you have insulin in your pump keep some peppermint candy close at
hand because you will have some low BG's at first, most likely. My
calculations didn't work out exactly as they were supposed to when I first
started pumping, and then after a while of near normal I began to tolerate
much lower BG's and now if I'm not vigilant I will have a 50 or even 40
without even realizing it. I think it is because I was on NPH 70/30 before
the pump and that slow acting insulin would keep adding insulin to a low
even after I had started counteracting it. 
	You have prepared very well and I suspect you will have no problems. Good
for you.

Buddy '-)