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[IP] Here I go

After reading all the posts I have decided to go ahead with my pump now
rather then wait for Jan 98, my B.G. values have been so wild on MDI(4 shots
a day) I thought I might as well be trying a pump. I recieved the pump on
Weds. and have been playing around with it, the nurse told me to get
familiar with it and as soon as I felt ready, make an appointment to come in
and see her for the next step, the saline solution. I used the book pumping
insulin to figure my basel and bolus rate and have programed those into the
pump, I have even been wearing it on my belt and plugging in a bolus when
its time to eat. I hope my transition will be easy.
I feel I'm ready, I know carb counting, how much insulin covers how many
carbs, how to figure everything!  Can you think of anything else I need to
learn before I take the final step?
Carol Wasson
email @ redacted