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Re: [IP] Re: New Pumpers

On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, buddybarber wrote:
> 	I don't think an alarm will sound if the cannula is bent, I think it will
> just deliver the insulin too shallow and it will not be absorbed correctly,
> but that is just a guess.

The alarm will sound on a total blockage after 2 to 5 units don't get 

Try it.  Take the little crimping gadget that comes in the box of sets 
and crimp the line about 6 inches from the infusion site. Please 
disconnect before doing this.  Give a 5 unit bolus, count the clicks 
until the alarm.  If you don't crimp real good it won't alarm. Our pump 
chimes eventually if the crimp is tight.

In the real world, very tight elastic (on a swim suit) or a belt if you 
ar bent over, sitting, with the belt cutting into your skin is enough to 
crimp the tube 'during a bolus' and cause an alarm.  If you are moveing 
around at all, this will not happen. In 2 1/2 years, there have only been 
2 real alarms not caused by elastic or belt (which are easily fixed by 
moving your body). The were 1) ran out of insulin, 2) had a real blockage 
caused by crystalized insulin at a serious deformation (damage) in the 
infusion line. The damage was visible to the naked eye and was probably 
caused accidently by crushing the tube in a door or drawer accidently (we 
don't know what).