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Re: [IP] Infusion site irritation

	I have been on the pump for 11 months. There is only one area that I have
had a reaction to the polyskin dressing and that one spot only. I have
showered, bathed, and perspired with no other irritations. 
	The nurse that instructed me on how to use the pump had been on the pump
herself for 16 years. She said I would have good luck if I would shower or
bathe just prior to changing my softset and I have done well. No betadine,
no alcohol, just a clean body. Works for me. I have no idea why the
dressing just irritates me in one spot, but it does. ?????
	This lady that taught me also suggested that I try 5 days between infusion
changes and I have had no ill effects. 

Good Luck,

Buddy '-)