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Re: [IP] Minimed 507 - turning off alarms

David Matthews wrote:
> Thank you for your response. No, I am not that David Matthews, but I like
> his music. I am actually a classical musician and after hearing the beeps
> that my pump makes, I am sure it would disrupt an acoustical concert. I
> think I will have to experiment with disconnecting just during concerts. I
> get upset when somebody's watch goes off, especially during a soft passage.
> I think the pump is louder.
> David

David, if you make sure you have enough insulin in the pump before a
concert (to avoid a high pressure alarm if you run out) and make sure
the batteries are good, you should not have an alarm go off.  The
suggestion of the leg thing is a good idea, as that would muffle the
sound of the clicks the pump makes.  But you know what after you have
been on the pump a while you won't even hear those clicks.  Good luck
and keep us informed as to what you decide and what works best. 

Hello, to everyone out there pumping.  It is really helpful to hear from
everyone out there.  To refresh--I've been pumping 11+ years and love
it. So glad you new pumpers are doing well.  To all on the fence--GO FOR
IT!!!You'll be so glad you did..  Gena