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Re: [IP] New Pump--Day 3+

>The other book to get is "Roller Coaster", by the same people that wrote
>"Pumping Insulin".  I am not on the pump, but am planning to be on one
>Nov. 20th.  I've been dreading it (for years), but maybe it won't be so
>bad as you have written in  your e-mail comments.

I didn't mean to imply that it has been bad. On the contrary, my BG's are
the best they've ever been! My meter average is now 181--as opposed to
about 250 before the pump. My last few BG's have been:140, 76, 114, 163,
155--and just now before lunch -146 !!

I feel great!
This thing is super. I just expected too much in the first couple of days.

Also, my doctor has not (yet) given me quidelines for carbs. I'm on a fixed
meal bolus of 7 units humalog before each meal. From what I've read  in
Pumping Insulin, I need to adjust that. I will be talking to my doc & CDE

Also, it's real easy to get used to living with this. It really beats the
heck out of injecting. I've passed the next hurdle. I've replaced my
Minimed QR Sof-Set, twice now--about day 7 now. This last time, all by

I DID test religiously--every 1 -2hrs, for the first three days.
I've done a lot of reading, and had my wife with me at pumpstart, so that
someone else was there to remember.

No, all you folks waiting for a pump--go for it!
ernie garcia
email @ redacted

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