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Re: [IP] Minimed 507 - turning off alarms

In a message dated 11/6/97 10:48:34 AM, you wrote:

<<it seems that alarm sounds happen at the loudest

volume no matter where I set it. Is my only option to disconnect?>>


It depends on how long the concert is going to last.  You can disconnect
pretty safely for an hour if you are starting with a BG is good range and, of
course, you are not going to eat anything.

You are right, the alarms are the loudest.  But, keep in mind that alarms
rarely go off.  Something has to be very wrong.  The only times, I have had
alarms go off is when the battery is low or I have run out of insulin.  Those
are things that you can predict ahead of time and take care of.

Good luck with your pump!