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[IP] Re: New Pumpers

Just a quick note to all you new pumpers.  Hang in there.  For me it was a
love/hate relationship for the first six months with the pump.  It takes time
to adjust the basals and boluses before you really get the great benefit from
the pump.  Each year for me seems to get better (pumping five years now).
  The pump and carbo counting have made my life so much easier and healthier
- - I can't imagine living without those tools.  When I started with the carb
counting I kept a scale, paper, calculator, and carb book in one area of
kitchen.  It was a hassle at first but so worth it and definately not so time
consuming after a while - you just know by looking (usually).  I almost never
complain anymore about an unexplained high blood sugar - with carbo counting,
the pump, and checking blood sugars more regularly you just don't have as
many surprises.

Also, the injection site when I first started using the pump was often tender
and sore - that also gets better with time.  I very seldom have discomfort at
the injection site.  I still use the bent needle and have no problem with it.

Good luck to you all.