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[IP] Welcome back

Good to hear from you again. Good to see you up and kicking again.

To all the new pumpers, be patient.  It gets easier as you get accustomed to
making adjustments and learn carb counting.  You will always have highs on
occasion.  After 14 years of umping, there are still days when the BGs are so
frustrating for no apparent reason.  When you adjust basal rates, do it slowly
and give it several days to react to your system before making another change.
Best to only change one basal rate at a  time.  Learn all you can about
diabetes, how stress affects your sugars, exercise, and cover everything you
eat with a bolus.  That's the nice thing about the pump.  If you're out and
about and want a snack, you just calculate the bolus and pump up.  Just watch
your weight, with the BGs in a more normal area, it is easy to think you can
eat whatever you want and to gain weight.  (Weight gain is common among

Pumping is the best management tool for diabetes.  But, it is not foolproof,
nor does your body always stay the same.   Don't get frustrated and give up if
your sugars start going haywire.  Just examine everything, and work to
readjust things until they get back to where you want them..
Good luck.  Relax and enjoy pumping.