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Re: [IP] what do you do when your low

Carol,          I found that I had some lows because the beginning is almost
like starting over with the How much & When situations.  The CDE or Dr. will e
stimate your original needs & you need to check your sugars often (esp. in
the beginning, But after 5 mos. I still check a lot!!)  Remember that we
still are diabetic & we are still ALL different.    Especially in the
beginning you will need to be more aware of when your sugars are going up or
down to set things.  Don't be afraid to check your sugar LOTS if you have any
quest. as to where they are.
         After you are set up you will probably need some adjustments so you
will prob have daily contact w/ CDE or Dr.  to work out some of the bumps.  
       I know now what parts of the day I am more likely to drop than others
& watch those parts extra well sometimes.  When I hit REAL low, 50 or less, I
put my pump on suspend & treat the low with food.  I check the sugar again
about 20 - 30 mins later.  I find that I don't Un-suspend until I am 95 or
higher on the rechecks.  Sometimes it takes longer to get the sugar back up
than other times depending on why I am going low & how low I've gone.   If I
am just a little below where I want to be I just eat & then check again
      Suspend is the option you are probably thinking of when you mentioned
disconnect.  Disconnecting would be a lot more of a hastle and is probably
not really recommended for just a reaction.  I only do a disconnect when I
work out (aerobics), because I am not very active otherwise (checked w/ Dr.
first), or I disconnect when I shower or need to be free of the tubing  ;-) .
      Hope this makes sense.  It is easy to get the hang of all that comes w/
pumping & is well worth it.     Good luck & I'm glad you made the good
decision to Pump insulin.    Kathi  Hull  MMD507- since May97 - Humalog.
 Diab 30 yrs.