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[IP] New Pump--Day 3+

Thanks to those of you who responded in email about problems I was having
starting up.
I guess I did kinda panic. Turned out I was wrong in expecting no highs
right after starting.

I'm now averaging 149, with 27 tests since pump startup on Thursday at
3:30pm. I'm testing every couple of hours and have the most normal  BG's
that I can remember in years!

I had one low of 58, late afternoon, but most of my values are in the 90's
to 114!! With the highest being 214. Even my meter average is 187. Before
the pump, I was running 250-350, and down to 36 once--with a lot of 50's,
then 350's. I'm keeping a diary. Holler, if you're interested.

Interesting thing, I feel in control. I can change a BG with a couple of
button-presses, and I do look forward (almost) to the next blood test. BTW,
my meter (One Touch II) is Dracula, so of course the "pricker" has to be
Vlad the Impaler. I borrowed this from one of you guys, I think.) What
should I call the Sof-Serter. (That's a stupid name!)

To refresh: this is a Minimed 507, pumping Humalog, using MiniMed
Quick-Release Sof-sets and using the Sof-Serter.

First impressions: This is great. I feel good. It's not as big a nuisance
as I thought it would be. The tubing is a lot smaller & less-obtrusive than
I thought it would be. You really do get used to having it. Should have
gone on the pump years ago. Anyone on the fence should go for it.

I've gotten used to programming the thing, and have even changed my first
Sof-Set. Not a big deal, although I wished I had a third hand. I talked to
Minimed three times already, and I'm impressed with their service. I work
on a Computer Help Desk at a university, and I can relate.  They're very
professional & knowledgable, even early on a Sunday morning.

There were a couple of questions people asked me. Yes, I was only told to
bolus 7 units   at each meal. I was not given a target range. I'll talk to
the doc Monday on these & other questions. I'm supposed to fax my numbers in.

I know very little about carb-counting, etc. I've ordered Pumping Insulin
but it hasn't come yet. Any other books, etc. I should look for?

Thanks again. You guys are great.
ernie garcia
email @ redacted