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Re: [IP] WHAT DO I EAT?????

On Sun, 2 Nov 1997, ggoveas wrote:
> Samee,
> >     How much time do you spend counting calories and carbs and fats?  
> I have tried the carb factors from "Pumping Insulin" as well as just the
> exchanges and information from labels. To maintain my sanity I use a little
> of all three. 
> The carb factors are the best for accuracy, but also very time consuming.
> During my pregnancy I used the factors 90% of the time because I wanted
> very specific BG and highs were not acceptable. I used that method for
Ok, Ok -- ya gotta carb count.  The charts on the several pages at the 
back of Pumping Insulin CAN BE FITTED ON ONE 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.  The must 
be photoreduced to 50-60 % and put on the both the front and back of the 
sheet ----- but then they are right there folded up in your meter case.

Heck, if my 14 year old daughter has been doing it successfully for 3 
years, an adult ought to be able to do it!!!

I know I'm not a pumper myself but until this year I've practically had 
to live in Lily's skin to make sure she learned everything she needed to 
be independent.  The pages are copyrighted so I can't put them on the 
website but you can certainly take them to your local copy shop and get 
the 'magic' one page made.  90% of the foods you eat every day are 'in 
the book' on those pages!!!!!

No EXCUSES - get healthy

I'm trying to give you all the encouragement and help I can by remote control