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Re: [IP] WHAT DO I EAT?????


>     How much time do you spend counting calories and carbs and fats?  

I have tried the carb factors from "Pumping Insulin" as well as just the
exchanges and information from labels. To maintain my sanity I use a little
of all three. 

The carb factors are the best for accuracy, but also very time consuming.
During my pregnancy I used the factors 90% of the time because I wanted
very specific BG and highs were not acceptable. I used that method for
probably 2 years and it did get easier because you memorize things, but
still it was exhausting.

When I first started carb counting, I used exchanges and found it rather
disappointing. It is the worst for accuracy.  (The current exchange list
with weights is more accurate than the one I used.) 

Finally labels are pretty accurate, and you don't have to look anything up
because the information is right there.

For now, I mostly use labels and fall back on exchanges when I have to
guess. Most fresh foods, like fruits and vegetables I estimate based on
past experience with carb factors and weights.
I do sacrifice some on my BG because it is not the most accurate, but it is
a time commitment I can live with.

>      Please, someone give me a sample menu for the day. 

For now, why don't you try eating foods with labels so you get the carb
information before you eat? Part of the problem is obviously carb counting,
but taking 2 units of insulin to cover 15 gm of carb sounds like a lot to
me. Is your bolus ratio correct?

>      How do you bolus when you CAN'T control yourself?  Or does this not
happen to everyone?

I eat what I like but it has consequences. I usually bolus to cover
whatever I'm eating and then adjust the rest of the day so I don't eat too
many calories. If I do eat too much, then I gain weight-just like everyone
else because if your BG is controlled then your body uses the calories.

>      I'm in my third week as a pumper and I am still having highs.  Is
this normal? 

YES, I think it is. Pumps are incredible tools but you still have to do all
the thinking and it takes time to learn everything and get basal rates,
etc. tested to see if they are right.