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[IP] New pump--Day 2+ (long)--Help!

Hello all,

Mostly great news, but having some problems--details at bottom. (I'm a
little worried, and unsure what to do).

First, many thanks to all who responded, both on and off the lists, for the
words of encouragement, regarding transitioning to the pump. You guys are
great!. I really appreciate it, particularly when I started getting nervous
about finally starting-up.

Had my pump start last Thursday! It went very well!
This is a black Minimed 507, and I'm using their Sof-set Quick Release
Infusion set with the Sof-serter. These were shipped with the initial

I was also put on straight Humalog. First time I'd used it. 
I was on multiple injections of Novolin Human Insulin (R: regular, and
N:NPH) 8R, 8R, 8R, & 17N (only) at bedtime, adjusting with a sliding scale.
This was by two Novolin 1.5 pen's. 

Although my BG's were getting better, with even a couple of lows around
4pm, I still had highs up in the 200-300's. I was in the high 200's before
breakfast, and before lunch. I'd get to a very occasional 120-150 about

The "install" or pump-start was in my doc's office, by the MM rep, with the
CDE checking in every once in a while. Took about 3 hours. Also, had my
wife there to help me remember.

After waiting so long for this, it was almost anti-climactic. No big deal
really. Very low key. The MM rep was great. He also did the initial
programming of the pump. He was very careful to make sure that I also did a
couple of them. No problem programming this thing. 

He helped me with the insertion. ( I still haven't changed one myself,
though I'm about to). The sof-serter is great. I didn't even feel it. Don't
know about you folks, but when I watched the MM video, with the guy
stabbing himself in the stomach, I almost gave up. (That's when I sent a
message to the lists, and got encouraged to go for the pump).

The doc had left the initial profiles. 

First one was: 
Basals: 12-4am, 0.6, 4am-8am, 1.2, 8am-midnight, 0.8
Meal boluses: 7 units each: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (And as
suggested, I bolus only when I see the food)

First BG's were great. Never had better. I thought I'd gone to heaven. I
checked every couple of hours, including a 3 am. 
Last penshot at noon (10R), BG of 250.

Just before install on Thursday(10/30)at 3:30pm: 180, THEN 88, 94, 140, 114
AT 3am.
Friday (10/31) 111(6:53am), 95, 150, 58(4:11pm), called Minimed AND my CDE.
CDE had me change: cut back 3rd profile, 8am to midnite, by .1 (to .7).
Then call Monday am with BG's.

187 (7:40pm), 215 (11:21PM)-not sure what to do, I bolused 1 unit. (Even
here, this is NOT as high as I've been-prepump).

Meant to test at 3am, but overslept.
Sat (11/1) at 5:10am, 229--called Minimed. She mentioned that the first
week's BG's could be erratic, and high. She had me check over the pump, & I
saw fluid drip from the external QR junction. I bolused 3 units. And she
suggested calling the doc for instructions, if I was still high in an hour.
I was.

I checked again at 8:50am and I'm at 213. Now, what do I do? I guess I
should change out my set(?). I'd call the doc's office, but I'm not sure
I'd get anyone who knows about a pump.
My regular doc (the guy who does, is out of town till Monday).

I guess for now, I'll bolus my normal 7 before breakfast--little late this am.

ernie garcia
email @ redacted