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[IPn] letter from George

Why I Support I-P and WhyYou Should Also

I've been a member of I-P since 1998 and to me there has been no more
consistent support for my Diabetes and my Pumping.  Whenever I have a
question about my treatment, the Very First Source I check with is I-P.  If
I need an understanding ear for a "Rant of Frustration", I know I can count
on I-P.  If I'm encountering something I just don't understand and all my
friends, relatives and even my Healthcare Team just doesn't quite have the
answer or understanding of, I know someone on I-P can hear me.
I am just a "poor boy" from Texas (now an Medicare covered 'poor boy') but
whatever my financial situation I have done my best to step up for my fellow
diabetics and try to help I-P with it's support goals.  I've never been able
to give much, other than some time when I worked as an Admin for the site,
but when I have a few spare dollars, $5, $10 or $25, I know that Michael and
all the other volunteers can use it to make a better life for "our clan"  We
ARE special people, we are resilient, we are compassionate, we Understand. 
Others may say "we are all in this together" but it is this group that truly
lives that phrase.  Please, help when you can, as best you can...  make life
a little better for another who truly understands you!
Type 1 - 53 years - Pumping since 1998

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