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[IP] Implantable pump

This is a long story of a journey I am on so it is long....sorry:
 I am 63 and have been alternating between an Omnipod and the Medtronic pump. I
have been pumping for more years than I can remember. I have always had a h1ac
of around 6.3. I do not feel metabolically healthy and my body has changed after
33 years of sub q insulin. I want to become more stable with my numbers and
avoid the roller coaster of highs and lows. This is almost impossible eating
normal but healthy and using sub q insulin. I am now eating the Bernstein diet
which has helped with my mission to become more stable but it is very difficult
to totally stick to it and even so I still am up and down. I have discovered
that sub q insulin is life saving but not ideal as it is not absorbed quick
enough and it stays mostly in the peripheral system instead of in the liver
which is how non diabetics work. Because of this we have to take massive amounts
of insulin to compensate and it becomes almost like metabolic syndrome, as this
hyperinsulinemia is not metabolically healthy.
 After realizing this I tried to cut back my insulin usage thus the very low
carb diet.
 I went off the pump and started using Tresiba injectable for my basal. My
thought process is that it is too easy to push that pump button for more food
and more insulin. The Tresiba is an amazing insulin and keeps me straight line
flat where I want to be. My basal is better controlled with the Tresiba than the
pump. The issue is the food, I don't like needles for every bolus as I have
bruises all over my body now. I am currently plugging into my Medtronic for
every bolus and then unplugging. I actually like this plan. I am still looking
for better, more stable control. I am thinking of going to France for a
Medtronic implantable insulin pump, which delivers into the peritoneal cavity
and the insulin goes to your liver via the portal vein.The upside is good stable
control with less hypos as the insulin getting into the liver cures our glucagon
response. The people I have talked to say for the first time since getting this
disease they feel normal. The downside is risk of infection in your peritoneum,
expense and travel to Europe every 3 months for a refill or any problem.
 My question is, does anyone have any experience with this and what do you all
think I should do? My endo advises against it because he says my control is good
and the risk of infection is too high since I have good control. But he doesn't
live with this like I do!!! Opinions????
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