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[IP] Dead Pump - Need suggestions for choosing replacement

 My One Touch Ping went belly up while swimming in 4 feet of water. It is 5 1/2
years old. I had been holding on hoping that a new pump would come on the market
that was exciting. Since I no longer have the luxury of time. I need to make a
quick decision. I hate the ping. The button response time is way to long. The
scroll speed is way to fast. I have to input the calculated amount for a bolus
rather than just accepting the suggested amount. I canbt do a temporary bolus
from the meter. I am considering the Accu-Chek Combo. I am somewhat concerned
with the size difference. I often put my pump in my bra and I just barely have
enough to hide the ping. If any of you have a pump you absolutely love or have
switched fro a ping to an Accu-Chek or vice-versa, please give me any comments.
I hope to place the order in about 24-48 hours. Thanks

Sue L Clements
3200 Kiltie Lane
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 383-6007
email @ redacted

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