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Re: [IP] Re: J. Smith's comment

 In my opinion, when it comes to treatment of diabetes, the medical profession
has not kept up with the advances that are available for best treating the
illness like they have in many other ailments.

 With today's technology. many diabetics should not still be suffering the same
poor control that we suffered in past years. With proper training in the use of
the pump and the CGM, many diabetics would be able to gain near perfect control
of their blood sugar. Unfortunately it's value is overlooked by the government
plus so many medical groups for obstinate reasons.

 For example, today I was reading about possible automated treatment of
 Well, even if it works, nobody knows when or if it would actually become
 Also we already have pumps which are automated, plus the test meter and CGM
which indicate our blood sugar levels continuously .

 So, why should we have to live with the many side effects of diabetes, hoping
for-some sort of a cure, especially when we already have the technology
available and being used successfully by many type 1's and type 2's.


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 > On May 31, 2014, at 7:06 PM, "Signe M."
<jechante17+email @ redacted> wrote:
> Here's my take on this:
> "Do you think that the objective is to just let us die?"
> Not exactly. They just want to save money. I feel like telling them this: 
 > "Reimburse diabetics for CGM and for as many blood glucose test strips as
> need. The life you save may be your own!"
> I'm thinking here, of course, of the potential for car accidents caused by p=
> eople who can't afford to test their BG before getting behind the wheel of a=
> car.
> Signe
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