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Re: [IP] Venting, sad news.......

Dear Michelle,

I am very sorry to hear this, and I feel for you as this is my greatest
fear with my 4-year-old.

I keep telling myself that if that day does come, at least she will already
know a lot about this disease and have access to so many more things that
make it a little easier to deal with on a daily basis.

When I was misdiagnosed as Type II and finally correctly diagnosed as Type
1.5, LADA (or whatever they want to call it), the G4 didn't exist.
Now, not only could I not imagine living without it (I use 2 G4 receivers
to never even have the weekly 2-hour gap!) but now it's even approved for
kids: http://www.dexcom.com/kids

I wish you and your family the best, and am certain that by the time your
son is our age, he'll be sporting the latest bionic pancreas :-)

We will always be here for you to vent...
Take care,


On Sat, May 31, 2014 at 2:11 PM, Michelle hawkins <
nanuk10+email @ redacted> wrote:

> Yesterday, my eldest son was diagnosed with Type I.  We were doing to a
> trial
> net study and he volunteered to help find a cure for Type I.  He had been
> in
> this trial net study for the last 4 yrs.  We knew 4 yrs ago, he had 2 of
> the 4
> +antigens and that's why he was in the advanced stages of the study.  They
> told us when we first found out he had the + antigens that there would be a
> likelihood of him getting the disease, but unknown, he might, he might not.
> It was the unknown,   Well, I got slapped in the face with shock yesterday
> as
> my son who has helped and supported my very own Type I diabetes, gets the
> news
> during the trial study that he has it himself.  My heart is so devastated,
> I
> would NEVER wish this on anyone......then my own child gets it.  We got
> news
> at 1130 and was sent to the Barbara Davis Center immediately.  Dr talked
> to us
> and said that maybe his pancreas is working 20-30%, but glad we caught it
> early.  My thoughts were, well, not exactly  the same as his--but as I calm
> down I see the point.  My heart just breaks and I had to vent to a group
> that
> understood.  He is taking much better than myself.  Just stinks......plain
> F@#!in stinks!!
> .
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