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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-test strip reduction and CGM usage

 I too only calibrate 3x day normally. I do it when I wake up, before dinner,
and before bed. That works for me and the Enlites are pretty accurate. My
trainer suggested a 4th calibration - before lunch, but I find I don't need it.
When I've called Minimed for support issues they've even said that calibrating
too much (more than 3-4x) can mess up the results. Even if the Enlite can vary
by 15%, meters can vary by 20%, so fretting because the Enlite (or any other
sensor) doesn't exactly match the meter is kind of a moot point. As long as
they're within 10% or so of each other I don't worry about it.

 Since starting the sensors, even the old SofSenors, I do far fewer finger
sticks than before. Some days if the way I feel seems to match what the CGM
says, I may not do any other finger sticks besides those needed for calibration.
I'm fortunate though in that I can still feel lows coming on and I can often
tell if I'm high too. I know that MM recommends still doing finger sticks for
all those other times, but I find that I usually don't need to. It's just
redundant info in my case. Of course if the sensor reading seems unusual, then I
will by all means do a finger stick. Pam

 <I agree that you only need to calibrate 3-4 times a day; any more than that
the CGM gets inaccurate. I've also discovered that calibrating when I have a
temporary basal or a square wave bolus also messes up the CGM. With the 530G,
you don't automatically calibrate with each BG, as the Revel did.
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