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[IP] Re: Test Strip Restrictions and CGM Usage

 I agree that you only need to calibrate 3-4 times a day; any more than that and
the CGM gets inaccurate. I've also discovered that calibrating when I have a
temporary basal or a square wave bolus also messes up the CGM. With the 530G,
you don't automatically calibrate with each BG, as the Revel did.

 I'm glad you are doing well ... I'm 48 and hope to be going strong when I'm
your age.

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Hi Kristina, David, and Padma, 

 I agree that your YMMV. My MM trainer was concerned with excessive calibration
by some of her patients. If you feel a need to test ten or more times per day,
then make sure you limit your calibrations to three or four per day. I have
found the Enlite sensor to be very accurate, especially in recognizing low BGs.
I have set my low glucose suspend for 65 mg/dl and have had some activations
overnight. It is a great benefit of the 530G system.

 David, if you are testing six or more times per day, then why do you have to
calibrate at 2:00 am? I calibrate before bedtime and then rely on my CGM for
alarms or low glucose suspend. What is the harm of treating a low based on a
recently calibrated CGM?

 My health care team is very satisfied with an HbA1c between 6.5% and 7.0%. I am
75 years old, so I no longer try to achieve anything lower, due to the dangers
of severe hypoglycemia. It is my primary concern as I get older.

 I appreciated your comments. You all seem to be doing something right. May you
enjoy good health for many years to come.

Jerry Smith 
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