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[IP] Re: Test Strip Restrictions and CGM Usage

Hi Kristina, David, and Padma,

I agree that your YMMV.  My MM trainer was concerned with excessive
calibration by some of her patients.  If you feel a need to test ten or more
times per day, then make sure you limit your calibrations to three or four per
day.  I have found the Enlite sensor to be very accurate, especially in
recognizing low BGs.  I have set my low glucose suspend for 65 mg/dl and have
had some activations overnight.  It is a great benefit of the 530G system.

David, if you are testing six or more times per day, then why do you have to
calibrate at 2:00 am?  I calibrate before bedtime and then rely on my CGM for
alarms or low glucose suspend.  What is the harm of treating a low based on a
recently calibrated CGM?

My health care team is very satisfied with an HbA1c between 6.5% and 7.0%.  I
am 75 years old, so I no longer try to achieve anything lower, due to the
dangers of severe hypoglycemia.  It is my primary concern as I get older.

I appreciated your comments.  You all seem to be doing something right.  May
you enjoy good health for many years to come.

Jerry Smith
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