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[IP] Re:Test Strip Restrictions and CGM Usage

>Jerry Smith said:
>I have found the comments on test strip restrictions to be thought provoking.
>Then there is the CGM issue.  I have found that I can get by with 3+ strips
>per day when I am using my CGM system.  My MM trainer said that her biggest
>problem with CGM patients is overuse of test strips.  Effective use of a well
>calibrated CGM system should only require three or four strips per day.  If a
>CGM user requires ten or more strips per day, then there must be a problem
>with either the user or the system.

 I disagree with you and your trainer. I test about 8 times a day with a CGM;
12-14 times without.
 MM itself says not to rely on the numbers on your CGM to bolus for food or a
correction - you should do a fingerstick for that. Also, MM does admit that the
Enlite can measure within 15% of your actual blood sugar and still be FDA
compliant. The Sof-Sensors had a 20% rate, so the Enlite is an improvement. I
agree that the Enlite is closer to my actual BG than the Sof-Sensors were, but I
still get 12 hours of junk from the CGM when I start it and I can only go 6.5
days because of adhesive issues. My CDE and MM trainer are well aware of how
often I test and how "accurate" the CGM is,as is MM's customer service line, and
have never said that I'm testing too often.

 I'm glad for you that the Enlites are working well enough that your test strip
usage is significantly decreased, but please don't assume that folks who can't
rely on their CGM as much as you can are "wrong". Remember, YMMV!

Padma Bending
dx'ed 2/01, Type 2
530G with Enlite
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