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RE: [IP] Test Strip Restrictions and CGM Usage

I'm not sure which CGM you are using, but I have the Medtronic 530G and have
to test at least six to seven times a day for accuracy. I test pre and post
meal and at bedtime. Often times the meter asks for calibration in the middle
of the night and I need to perform a test at 2 a.m. to make sure the readings
are accurate the next morning.
David Jones
freelance journalist
973-485-4153 (phone)
862-763-8304 (mobile)

> From: jsmith93+email @ redacted
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Test Strip Restrictions and CGM Usage
> Date: Fri, 30 May 2014 11:30:07 -0400
> I have found the comments on test strip restrictions to be thought
> There are signs posted at local intersections offering to buy test strips.
> Where do these strips come from?  Some people are using strips paid for by
> their health insurance companies and selling them to hustlers.  Medicare,
> Medicaid, and the insurance companies are trying to limit payment for extra
> strips that are not being used.
> Then there is the CGM issue.  I have found that I can get by with 3+ strips
> per day when I am using my CGM system.  My MM trainer said that her biggest
> problem with CGM patients is overuse of test strips.  Effective use of a
> calibrated CGM system should only require three or four strips per day.  If
> CGM user requires ten or more strips per day, then there must be a problem
> with either the user or the system.
> It is difficult to justify a CGM system if ten or more strips per day are
> required.  The Enlite sensor has a retail price of $95.  Each sensor costs
> insurance company approximately $52 and my co-pay is $13.  BG test strips
> the insurance company about $1 each.  If I am able to reduce my use of
> the sensors will pay for themselves.
> Since Medicare will not pay for sensors and is also trying to limit test
> strips, they are trying to save money.  However, if we are limited in our
> of these items, then we will be subject to severe hypoglycemia and its
> complications such as seizures, coma, cognitive impairment, and untimely
> death.  If we die from a severe hypoglycemic episode, then all Medicare has
> pay is the $255 death benefit.  Do you think that the objective is to just
> us die?
> Jerry Smith
> Rochester, NY
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