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Re: [IP] Test Strip Restrictions

 Having lived abroad where "insurance companies" are both private and
non-profit, I resent paying the shareholders first with my premiums, then paying
for staff to deny claims and then paying claims.

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Everyone will agree that the health care system has many problems. In my 
(humble) opinion, one symptom of this is that we call these company 
"insurance companies." Let's look at the dictionary definition of insurance: 

insurance, noun: a practice or arrangement by which a company or government 
agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, 
illness, or death in return for payment of a premium. 

While that may be what health insurance companies used to do, it's only a 
part of what they do now. Providing test strips, prescriptions, routine 
doctor visits, routine tests, etc. is not compensation for loss, it is 
health maintenance, which is why these companies where originally called 
Health Maintenance Organizations. It was a new, refreshing idea at the 
time, but now it's too big. 

What does a HMO do today? They take money, typically yours, that was 
deducted from your paycheck, run it through layers of bureaucracy to 
determine what kind of health care you need, then pay the insurance 
providers on your behalf. Why do we need this? Why can't we just take the 
money before it gets into the system, make our own decisions about what 
kind of health care to buy, and buy it ourselves? We can use a real 
insurance company to give us compensation for illness if we need 
non-routine (i.e. emergency) care. 

The benefit to us would be this: Because test strip manufacturers would no 
longer be able to rely on the guaranteed high prices paid by the HMOs, they 
would set prices to competitive, market prices that we could actually 
afford with out assistance. 

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