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Re: [IP] Test Strip Restrictions

The way I see it (and this reply may have already been sent - in the middle of
my diatribe, my computer switched to a list of the best bars in Portland).
Anyway, the way I see it insurance companies must then be more interested in
paying for EMS transport, Emergency Dept fees, costs associated with
complications. I am fortunate, my health plan covers what my physician Rx's. I
have an Rx for 10-15 tests a day:
1) Upon Waking
2) Before breakfast
3) fter Breakfast
4) Before Lunch
5) After Lunch
6) Before gym/hiking etc
7) After said physical activity
8) Before dinner
9) After dinner
10 Bedtime.
Then there are those times during activity, every time I get behind the
steering wheel of a vehicle,B  or my CGM tells me things are changing (I pay
out of pocket for the CGM - well worth it).
In Oregon there was a discussion by the health policy board about limiting
strips for people with type 2 to 2 strips a week. That's ridiculous - how can
they determine the before and after effects of something they ate, or

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I can see the problem from the view of the health care companies. If
they allow unlimited test strips with low co-pays, then some patients
will get more than they need, and sell their excess, which will
eventually end up on Amazon.com.

On the other hand, if the companies stopped providing strips and just
let the patients buy their own (after all, they don't require a
prescription), then some patients will limit the number they buy,
based on their budget. This could result in less testing, and less BG

The bottom line is that it's impossible to tell exactly how many
strips a patient needs, or what they are actually using.

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