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Re: [IP] Medicare won't even cover the strips we need

 From the medical side of things, research is now showing that it is not the
high blood sugars that cause the vascular damage but rather the fluctuations of
blood sugars. This would potentially be a stronger argument re: test strips &
sensors. In addition, it is these fluctuations that is also causing
complications to develop in people with pre-diabetes. In my own CDE practice, I
have worked with several patients who developed neuropathy and then testing
showed pre-diabetes. Research also shows that damage occurs at blood sugars less
than 126 - again going back to the fluctuations.

Type 1 x 40 years

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On May 31, 2013, at 20:49, d-d <email @ redacted> wrote:

 > A Type 2 friend and I were standing together when a third person interjected,
"So you're both diabetic and you're both different types of diabetic. Which one
of you has the worst kind of diabetes?" We pointed at each other! If I don't
have insulin, I feel pretty horrible pretty fast, but my friend Cindy will not
notice if her BG is too high and that's when damage can occur to her heart, eyes
and kidneys - all sneakily.
> Denise Br.
> On 5/31/2013 1:51 PM, Nora Nevers wrote:
>> Not really - in both the pancreas is broke.  It might break all of a sudden
>> or it might deteriorate gradually over time but the bottom line is it's
>> broke.
>> Nora Roales Nevers
>> Arlington, TX
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