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Re: [IP] Medicare won't even cover the strips we need

Getting back to the original subject, Medicare doesn't want to pay for 
the _testing_ supplies that we need, remember that Medicare came into 
existence in 1964 when almost every T1 diabetic died within 10 years of 
diagnosis. Then, as now, most T1's became diabetic as preteens, so every 
adult Type 1 diabetic person was a anomaly - because most Type1 juvenile 
diabetics died before reaching age 25. Therefore, every diabetic person 
over the age of 40 is T2, very stable BG-wise, and in no way needing 
test strips and certainly not continuous glucose management systems!  
The Medicare system muckety-mucks seem to think that a pancreas will 
magically start functioning as a person ages.

Not to skip over the T2's who can use strips and glucose monitors!  The 
system puts itself at risk if it has to pay more for care if people 
suffer the consequences of poor management of blood sugar levels.

We need to educate the Medicare senior management,  Keep up the 
letter-writing campaign.  And...report the people who deliberately and 
callously  profit by buying/selling excess supplies.

Off of my soapbox!

Denise Br.
On 5/31/2013 11:08 AM, Urb Anism wrote:
> I agree. The gloating is hard to swallow, particularly since I (and many of
> us) are ineligible for SSI or SSDI. Being in SSI is not an
> accomplisment. There is a general lack of understanding about individual
> situations here anyway. It's irritating to hear someone from Arizona go on
> and on about something that will never happen in Illinois, for example.
> Nonetheless, what Piggly-Wiggly* charges for test strips can't help me--but
> it might help someone else.
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