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Re: [IP] Revisiting an old post - wayyy off topic

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> From: Jan H. <email @ redacted>
> Last fall I inquired about the black spots on walks and parking lots. The 
 > replies included these spots were either spit-out gum or goose poop. I did
 > think either one. I see/saw them in northern Indiana and in Boston when
> the Joslin Diabetes Clinic.
> I think I have them figured out. I have never seen geese near doors nor gum 
 > lying around all over like these spots. I believe, now, they are leaves. I
 > the edges, same shape, and they lie there, turn black as well as bubble up in
 > the hot sun and melt into the concrete. They are mostly roundish and goose
> is the size of dog droppings.


 I really do believe the spots are gum, at least the ones all over the sidewalks
in NYC. Sometimes when you step on them you can feel it under your shoe. Also, I
have seen newer ones in various colors, including classic bubble gum pink (plus
a little dirt from the first few people that have walked over it). I also see
outlines of leaves but those are flat. Once the leaf blows away all that's left
is the outline as large as the original leaf. I also see the black spots in some
stores that have carpet because (a) people are inconsiderate pigs and spit
indoors or (b) they've stepped in gum just before walking the store and it
transfers to the carpet.

 I always swallow my gum, wait until I pass a garbage can or spit it into a
tissue and hold onto it until I can put it in the trash. Many people don't do
that, which is why Singapore has banned chewing gum. I guess they were tired of
seeing black spots on all the sidewalks.

The New York Times ran a long article about this some years ago.


Type 1 dx 4/1987
Minimed 723 Revel + CGMS
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