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RE: [IP] Viruses and Malware

Microsoft also has a free anti-virus called Security Essentials.  You can
download it from www.microsoft.com  Both my husband and I use it and have
seen it catch several things.

Nora Nevers

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Subject: [IP] Viruses and Malware

We have seen a drastic increase in people getting infected by viruses and
malware as is indicated by this type of email being sent to the list:

>Are you ready to improve your relationship?..

Please do not click on the links in these types of emails.  It will only
cause you to become infected.  Some signs that these emails are not good are
that they have more than just IP in the To: list and the subject is either
blank or has another oddity such as just a number or says, "No Subject".

Members who have found that they have sent out one of these emails need to
disinfect their computers.  We will be unsubscribing anyone who is infected
until your system is cleaned by using an antivirus software or a malware
remover such as Malwarebytes. Please make sure your antivirus signatures are
up to date.  Just because your new computer came with Norton or McAfee does
not mean you are safe unless you subscribed to the updates after your trial
period.  There are also many free antivirus options out there such as Avast
and AVG, etc.


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